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Manilli's passion is to create web and mobile solutions that solve everyday problems...and mix in some blogs and fun, too.
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A fabulous inventory solution for everything.
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Take consistent pictures of your collections.
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Project management and collaboration.
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Domain and Website Manager
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The Family Intranet
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Start SMARTing your goals.
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Easily receive your child(ren)'s grades.
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The Magic Behind Invoicing
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An Intranet for ANY Business
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Social media content calendar.
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Store all your website links.
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Find what you are looking for.
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Share your daily wins with the world.
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Event and activity listings in your local area.
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Time circuits in your pocket.
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Your digital life's online safety deposit box.
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Social media sales customer management.
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A new line of entertaining games.
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Remember the place of anything.
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A tracking solution for all your tasks.
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A countdown for your time capsules.
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Take the guesswork out of tasks.